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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Quanterall was incorporated in 2003 in Varna, Bulgaria, and since 2016 it is building custom software solutions with functional programming languages, developing Blockchain applications, and engineering IoT solutions.

Today, the tech team consists of 70+ engineers for blockchain, back-end, DevOps, web and mobile, embedded and hardware development.

We, at Quanterall, cultivate a company culture of fulfilment and professional development, where employees can keep growing, upskilling, and innovating. Our employees are daring experimenters, intrapreneurs, not just stakeholders but also shareholders, and indeed our greatest asset.

R&D Is in Our DNA

R&D Is in Our DNA

We believe that technological innovation is the factor that brings exponential growth to sustainable businesses, revolutionises industries and changes lives.

We have adopted an R&D approach that allows us to keep abreast of state-of-the-art technology and master it ahead of its early adoption.

Our core areas of expertise are Enterprise software, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things. Currently, we are the only company in Europe that offers training programs and project development in the compelling technological fields of Bioinformatics, Augmented Reality, and Quantum Computing.

Quanterall's Pillars of Innovation

We work with bleeding-edge technologies, driving global progress

We develop innovative products that solve enterprise challenges

We apply innovative work methodology that boosts the effectiveness

We offer an innovative employee enterprise stock ownership system

Why Join Us?

Except for the friendly, fun, and helpful colleagues, you will get:


Option to work from home or work from our offices in Varna and Sofia.


Internal or external. Possibility for career growth and development.

Life events

Special gift vouchers for birthdays, marriage, and a newborn.

Lifestyle balance

Home delivery of a basket with organic products. Possibility for a Multisport card.


Wellness program with additional health and dental insurance, and annual checkup.

Referral program

Bonus for a referral of a recruited candidate or an outsourcing project.

The Path of Innovators

No experience or diploma yet?

No problem! Enroll for courses or internships at Quanterall Academy

Quanterall Academy is closing the loop between business and academia.

One of the main goals of the academy is to upgrade the knowledge of engineers accumulated at the universities. Another one is to provide practical and advanced training on programming languages used in emerging technologies and produce skilled and qualified developers.

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