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What Is Happening inOur R&D Lab?


We do software research and development as a service, solving complex business challenges by building novel and innovative solutions.


We build core and layer 2 blockchain solutions and scalable and reliable decentralised apps and P2P networks.

Internet Of Things

We build dynamic global network infrastructure with self-configuring capabilities and interoperable communication protocols.


We do analyses of biological and biomedical data. Construction of algorithms for processing information from experiments.

Augmented Reality

We can design and apply multiple layers of information related to object recognition and integration into a virtual, enhanced world.

Quantum Computing

We explore the nearly limitless possibility for the utilisation of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics to perform calculations.

Bioinformatics Lab

What is bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics Lab

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field developing computational methods and software for the analysis of biological data. It is vital for the development of drugs, therapies, clinical diagnostics, forensics, and agricultural technologies.

A big branch of bioinformatics is computational genomics. It focuses on the processing and extraction of insight from DNA sequencing data.

In the Bioinformatics department of Quanterall, we work with specialists in precision medicine to develop software that can help the transition of personalised medical practice into the future.

What are we working on?

Our main product is GenHub, user-friendly graphical software for the management of human genomic data for clinical purposes. It is being developed in collaboration with Cell Genetics, a laboratory offering clinical genomic services. The platform features genome browsers that allow clinicians and researchers to quickly filter and extract data about genomic variants in populations of patients of interest.

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The Scientific Collaboration

We consult on our technological verticals with world-renowned scientists and organisations

We run our research laboratory leveraging the expert advice of the Institute for Advanced Physical Studies - IAPS.

In the institute, there are 14 scientists in various disciplines - from Computational Physics, High performance computing, Scientific programming to Quantum computing.

The main goals of the institute are to conduct fundamental and applied research in physical sciences, machine learning, and quantum computing, and to analyse, systematise, and disseminate the knowledge.

Our close collaboration with IAPS allows us to perform scientific research on emerging technologies and experiment and develop methodologies for data processing.

The Laboratory Playground

We partner with government-owned organisations aiming at supporting scientific and technological innovation

Sofia Tech Park is the first Technology and Innovation hub in Bulgaria, aiming to build and exchange knowledge and ideas between academic, scientific, and business organisations.

Currently, there are 11 tech labs: Bioinformatics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Creativity, Intelligent Communication and Infrastructures and IoT, Artificial Intelligence and CAD systems, Micro and nanoelectronics, Cybersecurity, and High Performance Computing (HPC) to name a few.

Sofia Tech Park is home to Discoverer - the petascale supercomputer.

Quanterall partners closely with the Bioinformatics Lab for several R&D projects.

Moreover, we have settled the first Blockchain club in Sofia together with the Groworking space.

Our Research Network

Other organisations we work with for promoting the research and development of innovative technologies

New Bulgarian UniversityNew Bulgarian University logo

New Bulgarian University or NBU was established in 1991 in Sofia. Its main purpose was to modernise higher education in Bulgaria by offering interdisciplinary general and specialised education.

Technical University of VarnaTechnical University of Varna logo

The Technical University or TU Varna is a state university founded in 1962. The main subjects of study are: Computer Systems and Technologies, Robotics and Mechatronics, Renewables, and others.

University of Economics - VarnaUniversity of Economics - Varna logo

The University of Economics in Varna is established in the 1920s and it is the second oldest university in Bulgaria. The main facilities are Computer Science, Management, Finance and Accounting, and Economics.

Varna Free University - Chernorizets HrabarVarna Free University - Chernorizets Hrabar logo

Chernorizets Hrabar is one of the new universities. Created in 1991, the university offers degrees in International Economics and Politics, Administration and Management, Computer Studies, and more.

BioMed VarnaBioMed Varna logo

This initiative brings together researchers and students from Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar' and the University of Medicine for knowledge exchange in the fields of Medicine and Computer Science.

ICT Cluster VarnaICT Cluster Varna logo

ICT Cluster Varna is a non-governmental organisation that unites companies from the ICT sphere in the region. Established in 2008, the unit is aiming to create a favourable environment for innovative companies.

We are always open for R&D collaborations and expansion of our R&D division

Popular Science Lectures

We organise online lectures with world-renowned scientists in various fields like computer science, machine learning, quantum computing, quantum physics, astrophysics, bioinformatics, and more.