About Quanterall Aeternity project

3rd Generation Blockchain

IndustryBlockchain, Smart Contracts
Duration24 months
Team6 people
Tech Stack
  • Erlang
  • Sophia
  • Elixir

About æternity

æternity is a pioneer in the blockchain industry, providing a universal protocol for any business need. This decentralised open-source project can scale up to billions of transactions in a more fast, secure, and stable way. One of the most unique things about the solution is the implementation of the Bitcoin-NG protocol.

Erlang-based and scalable - æternity was just the right match for Quanterall's team.

  • Scalable (No Limits!)
  • Extremely fast
  • Highest security
  • No off-chain fees
  • Low on-chain fees
  • More accessible and user-friendly

Quanterall's Work on æternity Blockchain

Starting from scratch, a team of twelve experts from Quanterall actively took part in the core blockchain development. The task for the team was to provide an alternative implementation of the æternity protocol in Elixir.

The team also worked on implementing an Elixir SDK targeting the æternity node implementation. One huge advantage of the SDK was that Erlang libraries were able to be used. Our team handled most of the project planning and management and delivered everything demanded right on time.

Another exciting opportunity for our team was to develop tutorials and documentation for the Sophia smart contract language.

Given the potential for language development, the collaboration between the two teams was a logical strategic business move aimed at capturing technological opportunities for innovation at an early stage. The joint work guarantees new opportunities for mass application, upgrading, and implementation in new industries.

By working with Elixir, Quanterall has contributed with more readable and cooperative code for the overall system, therefore enabling the project to become accessible for different domains.

Project schematic

The Challenge

Our team was honoured to help in improving the most key parts of the project - its scalability and adaptability. Thanks to the excellent performance, our team had a positive impact on the æternity's long-term plans to expand the application of the blockchain and create solutions that are suitable for different business challenges. We are thrilled to be part of revolutionising the business model and creating a reliable and secure base, where projects can be built and executed in a limitless manner.

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