Canada's First Crypto Exchange

IndustryBlockchain, Exchange
Duration24 months
Team6 people
Tech Stack
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • SignalR
  • GraphQL
  • TimescaleDB
  • PostgreSQL

About Catalyx

Catalyx is Canada's premier cryptocurrency exchange platform. It allows you to exchange your assets for cryptocurrency or for a local currency. All users can also track the prices of crypto in real-time and monitor the stock market closely at any time of the day.

The Challenge

Quanterall had to develop a back-end admin panel from scratch and was also involved in the front-end working process for the platform.

The main technological challenge was to develop everything in a simple, user-friendly manner. The ultimate goal was to simplify the financial process by allowing users to exchange currency with just one click.

The Development Process

Good management and distribution of tasks are extremely important, especially when starting a project from zero. That is why our team structured a detailed project managing plan which was followed strictly. To meet expectations, we pursued a collaborative development model and worked side by side with the Canadian teammates of Catalyx.

Key features implemented in CatalX


Catalyx is a modern crypto exchange platform that requires a fast, secure, and scalable solution for a communication protocol between front-end and back-end.

Our team suggested using graphQL, and after successful integration, this module optimised communication and minimised the need for API specifications.


Every good crypto exchange needs to provide a secure wallet. The Catalyx team chose to integrate Trulioo into work - a reliable AML and KYC partner. After we specified the guidelines, Quanterall's team immediately started to implement the verification technology. We have integrated a secure system for customer verification and protection against potential fraud. Trulioo helped the administrators to detect malicious users and saved a lot of money for the client.

Two-Factor Authentication

Security is critical for fintech products. Our team implemented two-factor authentication based on Google Authenticator and SMS verification.

This additional layer of security strengthens the trust in the product and eliminates the possibilities for manipulation and malicious attacks.

Administration Dashboard

One of the key features that we improved was the administration platform. That way we simplified the system management for Catalyx administrators and saved them a lot of time. We added multiple reports and monitoring features for more efficiency.

Blockchain & Big Data

Catalyx is a groundbreaking technology focused on modern technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, event-driven architecture, microservices, and Elixir. Knowledge in all of these was needed for the development process.

During the development, we received multiple additional tasks from the Project Management Team. Some of them had to do with issues that appeared in the system and in the algorithm for transaction calculation. We debugged the features and fixed all vulnerabilities. Once we were confident in the quality and stability of the product, we completed the project and handed it over to the customer.

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