Vending Machine Management Software

IndustryFood & Beverages
Duration12 months
Team6 people
Tech Stack
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • GKT
  • GIT
  • Kotlin
  • TK
  • Linux

About Nestle

Nestle is the world's largest and most famous food producer. With over 2000 brands in 186 countries, the company also works on the preparation of go-to drinks in an easy and convenient way. The team contacted us with an interesting tech task for the physical sites that offer their popular and best-selling products.

Nestle logo

The Development

The goal of our team was to find the best possible way in which software and hardware can work in symbiosis to offer a convenient and fast product ordering method. This, eventually, led to the development of a series of projects for Nestle, each with specific requirements and needs.

Our software developers also did the coffee machine management software, including the design and implementation of the UI/UX. Two apps were developed - a mobile application for Linux and Android, as well as a Desktop/Kiosk application for Linux and Windows. The team Packaged the application for each platform and developed a high-level USB CDC driver for Windows and Linux.

Project 1

Our first project with Nestle was about upgrading existing models of coffee machines and turning them into easy-to-use coffee with a digital twist. Our in-house hardware team designed and produced a display. The software team integrated Yoroi wallet and made mobile ordering and payment possible via QR code on the machine's screen. The payment was made on the Cardano blockchain.

Project 2

The next project was related to a technological solution needed for Nestle's coffee machines installed at the largest kiosk chain in Bulgaria - Lafka.

Due to insufficient space in the kiosks, merchants often place the self-serving coffee machines away from the pay desk. The clients purchase coffee, pay at the cashier's terminal and they go and order it with the push of a button from the machine.

To avoid insinuations and interference, the machine was programmed in such a way that it only unlocks the button for starting the already paid drink. An additional requirement was a 60-second countdown for prevention against crowding.

Quanterall's team developed a circuit board that can be mounted easily to Nestle's coffee machine without spoiling its integrity and warranty. This was achieved by reverse engineering existing protocols and creating a solution that allows seamless interaction between client POS terminal software and hardware.

Our experts performed the research and development of the solution, the hardware design, serial production, integration, and maintenance. Thousands of circuit boards were produced. The results: increased number of customers and ordered drinks and reduced costs.

    Key features

  • Remote Mode
  • Product Selection Control
  • Easy-to-Use Interface

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