About Quanterall SumUp project

Business Payments Made Simple

Duration12 months
Team3 people
Tech Stack
  • Erlang
  • XML
  • Rest
  • OpenSSL

About SumUp

SumUp makes secure payment transactions easier. The platform's mission is to move financial inclusion forward. So far the company has provided service for over 3 million users and fostered the growth of numerous small and medium-sized businesses across the world. SumUp is a registered Payment Facilitator of Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio Corporation, based in Wilmington, DE, USA.

The company offers a multifunctional and easily accessible solution with multiple payment methods - through card readers, payment links, invoices, and QR codes. Thanks to all development teams involved, the brand is creating better payment systems for all businesses and facilitates the process of starting a new entrepreneurial venture.

  • Easier contactless payments
  • High-tech card readers
  • Free remote payment solutions
  • Helping businesses to stay connected

The Challenge

As a fast-growing platform with global recognition, SumUp is constantly upgrading, expanding, and adding new features. In order to function smoothly and keep all operations in a safe environment, the software needs a team of professionals responsible for keeping track of stability and development.

Quanterall's Work on SumUp

Quanterall's role in the project was to work with SumUp's libraries and APIs, and make sure that all performed financial transactions have passed with the right protocols and documentation. By testing the back-end and validating financial transfers, the team took care of all collected data and developed a structure that meets the needs of the company and its hardware. The ultimate goal was achieved by ensuring a smooth transition from master to production of numerous durable and improved back-end versions.

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