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Data-intensive applications and high-performance computing

What Is Haskell?

Haskell is a purely functional, statically typed programming language that is known for its strong type system, pattern matching, higher-order functions, and lazy evaluation.

It is often used for mathematical and computational purposes, due to its functional approach to programming, which makes it well suited for mathematical operations, as well as its ability to handle complex data structures and algorithms. Haskell also has a rich type system and a growing ecosystem of libraries, making it a popular choice for software development and research.

Why Should Companies Use Haskell?

Haskell's strong type system and functional programming approach make it easier to write correct, bug-free code, reducing the need for extensive testing and debugging, and reducing the risk of costly downtime or errors.

Haskell's lazy evaluation and efficient memory management can lead to improved performance compared to other programming languages, especially for complex algorithms and data-intensive applications, leading to faster execution and lower resource usage.

What Kinds of Problems Does Haskell Solve?

Haskell solves problems in the realm of software development by providing a reliable, robust, and maintainable language. Haskell's strong type system and expressive power make it well suited for complex software projects, allowing developers to write code that is both simple and elegant.

Its lazy evaluation and referential transparency make it easier to reason about code and avoid bugs. Haskell also has a rich standard library and a growing ecosystem of libraries, making it easy to find solutions to common problems. This results in more reliable and maintainable software, as well as increased developer productivity.

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Haskell Development Services We Provide

We provide end-to-end Haskell development services - from consulting to proof-of-concept and application optimisiation and maintenance.

Haskell Consulting

Back-End Web Application Development

Custom Haskell Application Development

Prototyping, Proof-of-Concept, and MVP

System Architecture

Application Optimisation and Maintenance

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Some Projects We Have Built With Haskell

Logo of IOHK

IOHK is the blockchain-engineering company behind the development of Cardano, alongside the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo. Cardano is released in 2015 and is the first blockchain platform built through peer-reviewed research.

Logo of Sthrive

Innovative educational platform for businesses. The main tools in their solutions are Haskell for the back-end with GraphQL API, and Elm for the front-end. Both heavily benefited from the ADT to keep correct and easy-to-use embedded domain-specific languages for specific business use cases.

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