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What Is Rust?

Rust is a systems programming language that was designed to be fast, safe, concurrent, and more expressive than its predecessors.

Some of the main features of Rust include zero-cost abstractions, ownership and borrowing, a rich standard library, and a focus on performance and security. Rust is widely used for developing software ranging from system utilities to web assembly to game development.

Why Should Companies Use Rust?

Companies should use Rust for its performance, memory safety, concurrency, and robustness.

Rust provides a low-overhead, compiled language for systems programming, with built-in concurrency support and a focus on memory safety. This results in faster and more reliable software, reduced maintenance costs, and improved security. Using Rust can give companies a competitive advantage in their field, making it a valuable choice for their software development needs.

What Kind of Problems Does Rust Solve?

Rust solves a number of problems in the realm of systems programming, including memory safety, concurrency, performance, interoperability, and portability.

Rust ensures memory safety through its ownership and borrowing model, reducing the risk of bugs and security vulnerabilities that can arise from memory-related errors. It has built-in concurrency support, making it easy to write parallel and concurrent code that can take advantage of modern multi-core processors. Rust is also a compiled language with low overhead, making it fast and efficient for system-level programming.

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We provide end-to-end Rust development services - from consulting to proof-of-concept and application optimisiation and maintenance.

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