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Why Companies Use JavaScript and TypeScript?

Companies use JavaScript and TypeScript for their versatility, popularity, ability to increase developer productivity, and strong community support.

JavaScript and TypeScript solve a wide range of problems in web development, including dynamic user interfaces, server-side scripting, cross-platform compatibility, type safety, and code maintainability.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language used primarily for creating interactive front-end web applications and browser scripting.

It can also be used on the server-side through technologies like Node.js. JavaScript is known for its versatility, as it can be used for a wide range of tasks such as building dynamic user interfaces, creating animations, handling user events, and making asynchronous requests.

What Is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a statically typed, open-source programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a superset of JavaScript, meaning that all JavaScript code is valid TypeScript code.

The added features in TypeScript include optional type annotations, interfaces, and classes, which allow developers to write more robust and maintainable code compared to JavaScript. It is becoming increasingly popular in large-scale web development due to its ability to catch errors at compile-time, making it easier to identify and fix bugs before deployment.

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JavaScript and TypeScript Development Services We Provide

We provide end-to-end JavaScript and TypeScript development services - from consulting to proof-of-concept and application optimisiation and maintenance.

JS and TS Consulting

Back-End Web Application Development

Custom JS and TS Application Development

Prototyping, Proof-of-Concept, and MVP

Dedicated JS and TS Developer Team

Application Optimisation and Maintenance

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Some Projects We Have Built With JS and TS

Enterprise Software
Logo of SAP

Europe's 1st and world's 3rd largest software provider supporting some of the biggest business ecosystems. SAP customers represent 98% of the top 100 most valued brands in the world such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and HP.

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Enterprise Software
Logo of Three Stars

Three Stars is an official COSCO Shipping Lines representative that is responsible for overseas shipping goods. We created a complex and highly-functional software for one of the biggest business ecosystems of worldwide transport.

Enterprise Software
Logo of Triton

Triton is an AI platform that offers a highly-needed solution for investors - a system that has the ability to analyse the business potential and provide a comprehensive vision of development opportunities, entirely based on data.

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